United Tee - Black

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100% Cotton T-shirt - screen printed front and back graphic. 

As inventory has been left over we decided to make them Free while supplies last.

100% of proceeds raised were originally donated to the Official Giana Floyd Fund. 

PJLM is a group of over 50 friends & family members that have united to help create this project that is committed to spreading awareness as a global community.

We are releasing this 15 city photo tee with images contributed from all over the world. From Sydney, Australia to our hometown of Los Angeles, communities have gathered to protest against injustice and to proudly call upon our government to lead by example and take action now.

We are here to increase awareness and stand up for a brighter future. We are here to show what can be done when we all come together to work towards our passions. The passion to make a change, to spread awareness for equality and social justice, and the mission to end systemic racism combined with our passion to spread love. 

This shirt is also a way to say thank you to every single one of the brave men, women, and children, who placed themselves in harms way during this global pandemic to ensure the voice of the people were heard clearly, when so many try to silence us.


We will continue to shed light on the truth to which justice has remained blind for too long, and not stop until we all can breathe. This project is just a small reflection of what can be done all over the world when we unite for the same cause."